Beautiful makeup, starts with a beautiful skin – Shu Uemura

Hello, everyone!

My name is Nafisa, or people call me Afi.

I wanna tell you a bit of my current skincare regime. So I’ve been suffering from eczema lately. It was so gross and disturbing for whole of my life (till now). Worsely, it causing me ashamed of myself, stressed and  endless pain whenever the itchiness get stronger. Besides of sensitive skin, allergies of alcohol, perfume and paraben products confused me to choose every skincare I should do.  And it held me away from the makeup addiction I have! Cause I realize no matter how good I apply my makeup, a beautiful skin is a must.

Then I’m so glad that I’ve found my holy grail products! Honestly I don’t really look into the ingredients as long as it cruelty free, alcohol free, paraben free and perfume free. At least these are work perfectly fine for my skin for one past year.




Here are the products I’ve been using :

Body Parts

Lotion : The Body Shop in Indian Jasmine (smell so good! and it’s cruelty free brand)

Moisturizer : Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

Shower Gel : Palm Olive (not in pictures)

Shampoo : Ma Cherie by Shiseido (not in pictures)

Bio Oil for any scars, blemishes or any irritations except face (it can clogs your pores!)

Body Scrub : Bali Ratih Scrub in Strawberry (smell so good omg I can eat it)


Cleanser : Hadalabo Gokujyun/Shirojyun Series by Rohto (I can do both, lol)

Lotion Toner : Hadalabo Gokujyun/Shirojyun Series by Rohto

Milk Moisturizer : Hadalabo Gokujyun/Shirojyun Series by Rohto

Serum : Vitamin C Serum by Wardah (not thinking of repurchase)

Mask : Turmeric Mask by Mustika Ratu (so good for acne prone)

Acne Treat : Acnes Gel by Rohto


So, these are my holygrail products, definitely gonna repurchase them all except for the serum because I don’t feel any significant changes to my skin. Talking about Hadalabo products….. I absolutely in love with it!!! So many people suggest me to use this cs of my skin problems and it enhance my very dry and sensitive skin into flawless and hydrated one. It’s also a very afforable product but a lil bit hard to find even on the drugstore such as Watson and Guardian. That’s what makes me constantly change from Gokujyun Series to Shirojyun and vice versa. The difference is only Gokujyun is like the very mild / hydrating one while Shirojyun is whitening. But I don’t mind it cs it works wonderful on me.

For pamper routine such as mask and body scrub, I like local products a lot. Bali Ratih, Purbasari and Mustika Ratu just work great for me cs I find the imported products somehow too strong except the Koreans.And these locals are waaay much affordable yet natural.

Actually I still finding out the best natural skincare products out there so if you can tell me that would be great. For now I’m gonna stick to the affordable and natural one (like who doesn’t love it right?).

Please feel free to catch up with me through my social medias such as instagram and tumblr.

See you guys in my next posts.

Stay Awesome !

Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle – Erno Laszio







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